Robben Island with Mandela’s Warder & Chef

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Meet “Jack Swart” Nelson Mandela’s Warder and chef.
This one of a kind, limited time only experience is a special deep dive into the man the world came to know and love.
Jack is a special man himself with very similar qualities as Mandela.
His story is incredible and the Album he shows, leaves a feel and genuine connection the incredible man he was.

You will not find this kind of experience anywhere else.
Being in Jacks present give you such a special feeling like non other.

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About This Tour

We set up a private sit-down coffee or breakfast/lunch with Jack (depending on your ferry departure time) before you depart to the island prison where Mandela and he first got to know each other. You can choose to have him join with you on the island (optional) or just a meet before. He will give you insight into life at the prison, as well as his experience as a white warder under apartheid. He’ll take you to Mandela’s cell, the lime quarry where he used to drive prisoners, and where he used to stay on the island.

Jack cooked for Mandela and all his special prison guests after he was taken off the island.
Over coffee/breakfast/lunch together, (depending on your departure time) Jack gives you the inside scoop on Mandela’s diet and show you “the album” in which he keeps all his memories of Mandela, including pictures of and personal notes from him. Jack will also explain how a bond formed between them over this long period.

He’ll walk you through the house Mandela stayed in during his last 14 months in jail, showing you what he did in each room, who came to visit, and where the wire-taps were placed. He also reminisces about what happened the first time he saw a microwave, the times they swam together, his daily routines, the notes he left, and how he prepared for his release from prison.

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