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Experience Cape Town’s culinary and cultural richness with our one of a kind walking food tour. From colourful Bo-Kaap’s Cape Malay flavours to vibrant African and Afrikaans delicacies and dishes. No to mention the famous fynbos kingdom where you learn and taste indigenous herbs and plants. We have designed this to give you a full spectrim of South Africa’s iconic food dishes while tying it in with the rick cities Heritage one bite at a time.

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About This Tour

Journey with us on a culinary walk through the vibrant streets of Cape Town’s cultural heart. Our food tour takes you on a sensory adventure, starting in the colorful Bo-Kaap neighborhood where you’ll sample local specialties infused with Cape Malay flavors. While leaning how the culture of the cape malay people made this there home, mixed with amazing picture opportunities along the way.

From there, we delve into the rich tapestry of African cuisine, sampling traditional foods in a traditional way, that reflect the diverse culinary heritage it plays in the region.

Continuing our exploration, we make our way to Heritage Square, immersing ourselves in hearty Afrikaans flavors that speak to the city’s legacy. Where we enjoy a full spread of all the best South African foods you hear about.
Along the way, we walk through the bustling streets, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and discovering the hidden gems of Cape Town’s city.

But our journey doesn’t end there. We pause to appreciate the remarkable biodiversity of the fynbos kingdom with a floral tea and rusk tasting experience, where you’ll learn about the unique flavors and healing properties of indigenous plants.

So join us on this one of a kind packed food tour as we savor the flavors of the city and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of South Africa. Do make sure you come hungry!

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