Kelp Forest Snorkelling



Discover South Africa’s amazing kelp forests and its diverse marine life on this snorkelling adventure! All levels of experience are welcome.

Kelp forests are recognized as one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystems on Earth. In addition, this incredible plant can grow up to 30 meters long (98 feet), so you’ll truly feel like you’re in an underwater forest!

After you’ve met with your certified instructor, you will be given a safety and technique briefing along with the snorkelling equipment. Then, the adventure begins! You’ll explore this underwater kingdom with ease. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled because you may encounter penguins, small sharks, various schools of fish, seals, octopi, and other sea creatures! With the kelp moving from side to side with the currents coupled the light streaming through between the gaps, you’ll enjoy an almost magical experience.

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About This Tour

Once you have arrived and completed your paperwork, you will be briefed by your certified instructor and marine biologist. Once you are fitted into your gear, you head off to the site where you get to experience a whole new underwater world in the kelp forest.

Duration: +-2 hours (time in the water +-1 hour)

What to bring: Swimming costume to wear underneath your wetsuit, a towel, bottle of water & snacks


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