Medieval Astrology Consultation


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Medieval Astrology is the ancient, original, authentic way of reading your fate or destiny through your horoscope. It is a period in history where some of the greatest astrologers lived. It came before modern astrology which changed the face of astrology in its authentic form. Asking any question about your life, a medieval astrologer could accurately answer when well trained, i.e “What is my purpose in the world, why was I born?” following questions of career, marriage, family and whatever concerns you.

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This form of ancient astrology is present by Anita Noyes-Smith. She has studied and practiced astrology for 36 years and has thousands of clients globally. She was also nominated for two “Business Women of the Year” awards in South Africa and has won two international awards in Europe for her business skill in Astrology. Her knowledge is vast in many different subjects. She has presented of radio and tv shows, written for magazines and has travelled extensively to lecture and teach in many countries.

Booking an appointment will provide a rich and in-depth look at your life and will leave you wanting to know more. An accurate date, time and place of birth is all you need to start. it is highly recommended to record your session online as a lot of information is presented.

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